Meal Time

Whole30 Day 8: Breakfast was picadillo with guacamole. If you’ve been following my progress you’ll know that’s a repeat. I try to do big cook-ups a couple of times a week so I have plenty of food on the fridge and freezer. Lunch was Chipotle, again, because I was out and about all day. Dinner was a big mistake. I wanted steak. I should have cooked steak at home. Instead my husband and I went to Applebee’s. I specifically asked for no butter or seasoning on the steak, or anywhere else, but judging by what happened about 20 minutes after I ate, something was contaminated 🙁 It’s amazing how quickly my body reacts now! Not sure if this will cause an extension in my Whole30 or not, but it probably should. #primal #whole30 #paleo #cleaneating #applebees

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