BeforeThe other day I was feeling a little down, and like I hadn’t made a lot of progress lately. So I decided to try to find a “before” picture. There really weren’t many, because “before” I tended to avoid cameras, but I managed to find a picture from 2010. I still have quite a way to go, but since this picture was taken I have:

  • Gotten out of a really bad marriage
  • Spent a couple of years as a single mom
  • Found and married the man of my dreams
  • Taken my business to the next level
  • Lost, gained, and then lost about 40 pounds
  • Moved both my home and my office
  • Started doing CrossFit
  • Started eating paleo (including a few 21DSDs and Whole30s)
  • Become a Certified 21-Day Sugar Detox Coach

And now, I look more like this 🙂



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