Just Chip Away

This is based on something I posted in one of the Facebook groups I help administer.

Last night at CrossFit, we had to row 3,000m. I looked at that number and laughed. There was no way I could row 3,000m. Especially not after I had just done 150 kettle bell swings. But I got on that rower, and started chipping away. When I hit 300, I told myself I was 10% done. At 500 I was 1/6 of the way. At 1000, I was 1/3 done. 1500: Halfway there! 2000, I was 2/23 done. 2500 I only had 500 to go. And then 15 minutes after I started, I made it to 3000. My legs were shaking, and my hands were sore, but I made it! And that 15 minute row probably added at least 15 minutes to my lifespan.

I try to look at the paleo challenges I’m currently doing (Whole30 and 21DSD) the same way. Take it one day at a time. Chip away. Those of you on Day 10, you’re 1/3 there. Day 15, is halfway! Day 20 is 2/3 done. When you get to day 30, you’ll have such a sense of accomplishment, because in only 30 days, you’ve undone some of the damage you’ve done over a lifetime of eating stuff that’s making your body sick.

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