Meal Time

Yesterday was day 6 of the #21DSD. Breakfast was eggs, fried in ghee, with grape tomatoes and guacamole. That held me over until well after what should have been lunch time, while I volunteered at my daughter’s school for their winter festival. When I returned home, I had some buffalo ranch chicken meatballs with coleslaw. Dinner was turkey breast in bacon with some raw carrots, followed by the no-moo chocolate mousse from the book to add some more fat. I’ve been mostly following #whole30 rules this time, but that mousse, while not at all sweet (I used totally green bananas), might be considered SWYPO because it does have a consistency similar to mousse. Hubby tried it, and made a face like he had been poisoned, but enjoyed it after adding a bit of maple syrup. #paleo #cleaneating

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