Whole30 Time Again!

I started eating paleo in January 2013, and did my first Whole30 January 27, 2013. For most of 2013, I stuck with paleo, and felt great! There were a few notable deviations from eating right, including a couple of trips to Disney World, but I stayed with it until after Thanksgiving, when the stress from work, holidays, and wedding planning helped me slide back into an emotional eating mess. I’ve gained weight, and I feel like crap, so it’s time to get back on paleo, and I think a Whole30 will help me get me there.

My grandmother died a few weeks ago, so my daughter and I went to Florida for her memorial. Just before we left, our dog, Jinx, was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. We returned from Florida on Tuesday, and then had to say goodbye to Jinx on Thursday. So I really haven’t had a chance to prepare for this Whole30. At the same time, going through all of that and feeling like I do now, I know this is the absolute best time to start. I had enough acceptable food in the house for breakfast, and since my daughter is with her father this weekend, I can spend some time shopping and cooking today. I’ll post more about that this afternoon, after I’m done.

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