Doing Another Whole30, Starting Tomorrow


This is my last breakfast before whole30 starts tomorrow. Two fried eggs and sweet potato home fries, both cooked in ghee.

The home fries are very simple: sweet potatoes, salt, pepper, and cinnamon cooked in ghee until the sweet potatoes are getting soft. Then I added some onions, and cooked until those were becoming translucent. This whole meal took about 10 minutes to prepare, but only because we already had onions and sweet potatoes cut up from a massive cook-up yesterday (more about that later).

So why am I starting my next Whole30 on a Tuesday? Because several people are doing this one with me, and today is memorial Memorial Day. Most of them wanted one more day of beer and junk. I will probably stay pretty much paleo today, especially after an incident at dinner the other night. I ordered sweet potato fries, which were probably dusted with flower, and then ate them with ranch dressing. Oh boy, did by tummy hurt after that! Everything tasted great, but wasn’t worth the pain and discomfort.

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