Whole30 – Take Two! Days 4-7

I give up 😛 Work has been a little too crazy to keep track of what I’m eating in a blog post every single day. So I’m going to keep posting when I can, and not stress out about the rest of the time.

I’ve been eating reasonably well, and sticking to the plan for the most part. An ongoing challenge for me is snacking–seems like every evening I just “need” a snack of some sort, and usually resort to a Larabar or some macadamia nuts. Both are technically alright for me to have, but I worry that I’m snacking when I’m not really hungry. It’s rarely an issue during the day at work. Last night when I felt the urge for a snack, despite being quite full from dinner (and a Larabar “dessert”) I drank some water and it seemed to help.

Another issue I’ve found is that I’m pretty much addicted to the scale. I still haven’t been able to stop hopping on it every day, and that needs to stop! I think I’m going to ask my boyfriend to hide it 🙂

This weekend I ate leftovers (chocolate chili, pot roast with balsamic onion gravy, and a few others), and made a few fresh dishes:

  • Bacon-wrapped stuffed chicken – I left out the pecans and added some cranberries instead.
  • Chorizo and carrot hash – This is basically the chorizo and sweet potato hash I usually make, but with carrots and fresh baby bell peppers instead. I also chopped up some kale and threw it into the mix. It turned out great.

My weekly meat delivery comes in on Wednesday, so I’ll be cooking up some more goodies Thursday and Friday. Once I get the giant freezer in the basement cleaned out, I’m going to try to do some once-a-month cooking.

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