Whole30 – Take Two! Day 3


That bit of yumminess above was my lunch, which was some Pot Roast with Balsamic Onion Gravy (plus some carrots and grape tomatoes thrown in). I also had some Chorizo and Sweet Potato Hash for breakfast. Dinner was corned beef and sauerkraut, which was delivered by South Mountain Creamery that very morning.

Wednesday is one of the yoga days at work, so that was my exercise for the day.

Despite breaking free from most of the junk I previously ate, I am still very much an emotional eater, and I saw that coming out big-time on Wednesday. My daughter had a total meltdown just before we were supposed to leave for school. It left us both in tears, and I have a tendency to eat when I’m upset. I was actually pretty good at work, and my only slip-up was a Larabar. But then when I got home, in addition to my dinner, which actually filled me up, I ate some macadamia nuts, a banana, and a Kit’s Organic bar (which tastes like a brownie). Granted, everything I ate was “good food,” but I shouldn’t have been eating any of it when I was already full. Plus I think the Larabar and Kit’s Organic bar mean I have to push a few extra days on Whole30.


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