Whole30 – Take Two! Day 2

Yoga and belly dance yesterday were great, but I’m a bit sore today! I’m also doing a couch-to-5K program (today was week 1, day 2) and my legs just weren’t particularly happy about all of the abuse. I know over the weeks and months, after my body has gotten used to the increase in physical activity again, I won’t be so sore, but right now I’d like to just go soak in a tub, or get a massage.

Since I didn’t leave enough time to eat and digest my dinner before belly dance class last night (belly dance on a full stomach is NOT a good idea) I had to eat a snack, in the form of handful of macadamia nuts and a Kit’s Organic bar on my way there. I don’t think I’ll call the bar a cheat, since everything in it is alright for Whole30, and I had to eat something so I could make it through class. Even after having those things, I was famished after class.

So what’s on the menu for today?

  • Chorizo and Sweet Potato Hash
  • Carnitas and raw baby carrots – I meant to take a picture of this before I ate it, because blogs need pictures, but I was kinda hungry after my run…
  • I’m planning to have some of my leftover Pot Roast for dinner while my daughter and her friend play at IKEA.

As for exercise, I did 30 minutes of the couch-to-5k program. Today was 90 seconds of walking (2.5MPH) alternating with 1 minute of jogging (3-3.5 MPH). I wasn’t fast, but managed to make it through the whole 30 minutes.

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