My First (Mostly) Paleo Dinner


Tonight’s dinner was a great way to kick off my Paleo Diet adventure: Filet Mignon and Asparagus with Peppers and Garlic. The filet mignon was grass-fed beef from Simply Grazin’ Organic Farm. I just sprinkled some black pepper, Himalayan salt (yeah, not Paleo, I know), and minced garlic on it, and then cooked it in some olive oil.  The asparagus was sauteed in olive oil with tri-colored peppers, minced garlic, and pepper. I used a bunch of asparagus and a 10-oz bag of peppers, and those yielded about 4 servings.

Because I was a little peckish after dinner, I had some blueberries and a couple of Emmy’s Organics Raw Coconut Vanilla Macaroons. Yes, the macaroons were pre-packaged (bad, Chrissy!) but they’re all organic and raw, so I don’t feel too bad about that. I’m going to try making these myself, because they’re pretty darn tasty, and with a little adjustment, they could be Paleo-friendly.

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