LC Homestyles Chili

When I had previously switched to a low-carb way of eating, Netrition was my go-to place for all things low-carb, like sugar free syrups, snacks, and other items I just couldn’t find in local stores. This was back when Atkins shakes weren’t common in stores as they are now. These days it’s relatively easy to find low-carb goodies at the grocery store, but I decided to take a look at Netrition the other night, to see if they had anything new. Im happy to say that they had a ton of stuff, and I bought a small sampling of it to try.

My order arrived today, and I decided to try the LC Homestyles beef chili for dinner, to see if they were worth buying more to keep at the office. I will be placing an order for several more first thing tomorrow! Here’s what I liked about it:

  • The chili is shelf stable, and doesn’t require refrigeration until after it’s opened. That will make keeping it in the office for days I forget to take my lunch very easy.
  • The serving size is 10 ounces, and that filled me up quite nicely.
  • The chili was pretty tasty, though not as spicy as I like it, but that can be fixed with some hot sauce.
  • The price was reasonable. It’s $2.69/serving, which isn’t cheap, but it’s much less than I would spend going out for lunch when I forget to pack something.
  • It’s only 4 net carbs!

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